The Baker's Apprentice / Bread Alone / Baker's Blues

Published over a variety of years, the Break Baker trilogy had to be reviewed as a whole since each individual novel has no closure at the end of the installment. The books remind me of an opera or a symphony with the different movements and how the tales easily change from sad to happy in just a few moments.

What I loved: The strong supporting characters of CM and Tyler were the reality checks that Wyn needed in her life. Watching Tyler grow as a woman from the first to the third novel was touching – she began as a misunderstood teen with no true direction in her life to becoming a woman with a passion and a purpose was a joy. It gives me hope that my average teenage daughter will be able to figure out her calling in life as well.

What I didn’t love: Mac . I never warmed to him as a romantic hero for Wyn since the first novel, but every friend falls for that one guy you don’t like sometimes. I think he let the fortune teller’s prediction (Bread Alone) be an excuse for his downfall. Stubborn men drive me absolutely crazy (and not in a good way) and his reluctance to deal with his family tragedy combined with the medical history combined for a perfect storm.

What I learned: I love Gabe’s quote from the 3rd installment, “You get one great dog in your life, darlin’, and one true love.” If you choose to always live in the moment – every dog will be the great one and every love will be the your true love.

Overall Grade: The Baker’s Apprentice – B+, Bread Alone – B+, Baker's Blues C+


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