On Thin Icing

Available December 29, 2015

Thank you to NetGalley.com and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

While this is book 3 in the Bakeshop series, it reads like a stand alone cutsie-murder mystery because there are very few references to prior novels in the series and no past killers, loves, secrets are mentioned (thank goodness!) so you can go back to savor the first two books without knowing what already happened. Since I enjoyed this book so much, I plan on making a reading u-turn and devouring the prior books.

What I loved: Torte bakeshop sounds like the perfect little bakery/café/coffee shop in a beautiful little town. Even though this particular story doesn’t primarily take place in Torte, I get a warm feeling about the various staff members (Andrew, Stephanie, etc) and am looking forward to seeing their interactions in past and future novels.

What I didn’t love: Please please please get rid of the love triange between Jules, the high school boyfriend and the ex/separated hubby. Love triangles never work. Look at Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swenson series – she’s been torn between 2 men for almost 20 books now and even though there is an obvious choice as to who is the better man (Norman – the cats obviously love each other to death) its been so drawn out that its almost painful to read. Just have Jules pick one and move on. Please.

What I learned: Wasn’t aware of the large redneck population in Southern Oregon – still can’t really picture it but am looking forward to learning more about the area with this series.

Overall Grade: B

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