Parchment and Old Lace

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Every time I dive into a Laura Childs scrapbooking mystery I get inspired to race out to my local Michael’s craft store and stock up on papers, embellishments, ribbons, etc to finally tackle all of my old photos to turn them into works of art. Then a read a few more chapters, the buzz wears off and I can get back to doing the thing I emjoy most – reading. Seriously, the 13th book in the series doesn’t disappoint and there are always new characters, modes of death, and interesting things to learn about New Orleans.

What I loved: Craft ideas AND recipes? Really easy, simply, yummy southern recipes? Sign me up!

What I didn’t love: Just have her finally figure out her romance with Babcock already – its been going on for so many books, its almost getting boring…

What I learned: All about mourning clothes and differences between French and Belgian lace – and they said I’m too old to learn anything anymore…

Overall Grade: B

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