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I absolutely hate it when the book description doesn’t match the actual plot. I thought this was going to be a story about 3 sisters dealing with their father’s death with his gifts left to them through his will to make their lives better. Instead, it’s a whiny diatribe of how busy each daughter is with their lives and how their divorced mother finds love with a jerk in Europe.

What I loved: That I made a decision to stop reading the novel around page 285. I couldn’t find anything redeeming about any character in this novel. Since Ms. Steel has about 5 new books arriving in 2016, I’m hoping one of them will be decent.

What I didn’t love: Where to begin….. EVERYTHING! This could have been a terrific novel about these three women changing their lives (and the lives of others) with their inheritances or even how their half brother is contesting the will (and the battle to reunite the family), but instead its all about their mother, her douchebag younger lover, and how selfish each daughter is now that they are in their 20s. Over 75% of the novel focuses on Veronique and Aidan and their romance. She was divorced from the girls’ dad for 20 years – she couldn’t find a suitable man then?

What I learned: To look both ways before crossing the street. Maybe you should try it once or twice Veronique..

Overall Grade: D

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