Florist Grump

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For the 17th book in the series, Kate Collins is still inventing fresh ways to die, plot twists that work, and cute characters. I’m really impressed that she has kept the series moving along and has not lost any of the cuteness from her older books. The only one who was PMSing all book was Abby – the main character. The title was completely fitting for the heroine, but she came across as so unlikable in this book, that I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to race out to read the next installment this April.

What I loved: Rosa is a great addition to the flower shop and will be a fantastic character in future books, if Abby can just get over herself for 10 minutes.

What I didn’t love: Like I said before – Abby was such a witch with a B in this tale. I get it – you’re overwhelmed with work, having to live with your parents for a few months, blah blah blah. Not once in the entire novel, did Abby ask for a break or to have a little time for herrself or anything. Instead, she just internally vented like a sullen, spoiled teenager and rolled her eyes through the entire adventure. Maybe its time she learned that she needs to say what she needs instead of making everyone read her mind.

What I learned: There are so many sides to people – you just have to take the time to get to know them to see them.

Overall Grade: C

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