Smart Girl

Available: January 26, 2016

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

So I missed books 1 & 2 in this series and that’s okay. Luckily, Smart Girl can stand almost on its own – there are some references to Landon and Max’s respective backstories which were obviously covered in the first two books. And based on this tale, I’m not exactly missing them. That being said, I think I may look into this series for my teenage daughter, almost aged 16. While Smart Girl had some *ahem* moments, its nothing she hasn’t already seen in a PG-13 or R rates movie.

What I loved: Miko’s fashion sounds amazing the way its described. I wish I had the guts to pull together some of the prints, colors and styles she wears in the novel. I love that she dresses to reflect her personality and what she feels comfortable in – fashion trends be dammed!

What I didn’t love: The ending… Liam is such a weenie for 85% of the novel and once Miko returns to acting like herself, we’re then expected to believe that he finally woke up to realize that he loved her and not just her ability to be a booty call? Highly unlikely. This is not women’s fiction or general adult fiction – its really YA or New Adult fiction since Miko acts like an immature high school girl who has never had any kind of interaction with a male before.

What I learned: I really cannot appreciate a heroine that’s under 30.

Overall Grade: C for a 35+ year old woman, B for a 18-30 year old

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