Dead to the Last Drop

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Its tough to keep a long running murder series at its peak but the latest edition to the CoffeeHouse Murders doesn’t disappoint. Clare is setting up a new Village Blend in Washington DC which brings politics, murder, history, and coffee all together in a new way. The recipes are OUTSTANDING (like always!) and so easy to make.

What I loved: I loved how the book went back and forth between Clare and Mike’s past and present, spinning the story, leaving clues, and setting up the mystery while creating romantic suspense. Almost all of the beloved Village Blend characters were there – except only a mention of Boris..

What I didn’t love: So older brother Kip…Is he a half brother? Step brother? Wha? Who is his mother? I’m a little (okay very) confused with the Presidential family tree. If Abby is old enough to remember her real father, then how could she be the assumed result of an affair? (Not a spoiler, just some backstory!) As you can see, I’ve had to grasp at some straws to find a flaw in the tale and am clinging to this minute detail.

What I learned: Even more about coffee than I thought I knew – I’m amazed the authors come up with such interesting information every book!

What I learned: B+

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