Tricky Twenty Two

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My mom got me started on this series around book #5 ( and then I backtracked to read 1-4) when I was still living in LA. So that’s 1997 and I’ve been loyal for almost 20 years. Wow. I’ve seen them go from amazing books, to a horrible movie (seriously, Katherine Heigel? I always picture Stephanie as Debi Mazur), to some okay stories. Please, find a way to end this. Soon. Like before #25.

What I loved: Rex and Grandma. They’ve stayed the same since book 1 and at least you know what you’re going to get with them.

What I didn’t love: This book looks like my daughter’s essays: Large font, even larger margins. Seriously – the story was 282 pages (the actual story, not including the preview of another book) with at least a one inch margin all around the words. Left, right, top & bottom. So in book terms – we’ve got a novella probably between 150-200 pages. Seriously? You couldn’t throw in some additional hi-jinks or Cluck-in-A-Bucket drive through meals? I get it – you’re having trouble keeping keeping it fresh and exciting. Bring back the sister and her kids with the dopey husband, the ex-hubby and his second wife (the one who wanted to also be a bounty hunter, remember her?), SOMEONE!!. Just do something and fill up more pages with normal margins. Please.

What I learned: Numbers are infinite. Alphabets at least have an ending.

Overall Grade: B

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