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Who didn’t have a crush on a rock band in their teens? When I think of the bands that covered my walls back in the day (Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Depeche Mode), I remember all of the dreams and fantasies they were involved in. Back then, they were the demi-gods in my life; now, I’d probably ask if they can remember the lyrics to the obscure track on an early album (i.e. “Satellite” off DM A Broken Frame).

What I loved: The premise – how could you NOT have your favorite band take up residence in your home if you had a chance? The scene between Portia and Keith was absolutely hysterical – like most of the story when Hydra is in the house.

What I didn’t love: Of course, I couldn’t stand Portia. She’s the obvious character everyone loves to hate; but for a while I wasn’t too keen on Tim as well – even before everything happened. He seemed like a privlidged mama’s boy but I’m glad he finally seems to come into his own over the course of the book and finally grew a pair.

What I learned: You never outgrow your musical crushes. You’re on my list Dave Gahan!!

Overall Grade: B+

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