From Bad to Wurst

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For 10 books now, the senior citizens of Iowa have been lead by Emily across the globe on amazing senior tours. The detail that Maddy Hunter puts into some key sights in each area are incredible and the re-occurring characters have grown into a band of regulars that the tale would be nothing without. I’m already looking forward to the next adventure!

What I loved: Nana/Marion has always been the spunky grandma I wanted to have/to be when I reach that age and she’s even better in this installment. She’s got spark, quirks, guts, and money to burn – but my favorite is her snazzy sweatshirt collection. My favorite this book: “Iowa: We’re kind of corny”.

What I didn’t love: I was able to figure out why the victim was murdered pretty quickly – just not the who. The who came totally out of nowhere which was nice, but I never usually am able to figure out the motive so quickly. Kind of a bummer…

What I learned: Never get between an Iowan (Iowaian?) and their clocks!

Overall Grade: B

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