Getting Over Gary


Available March 3, 2016

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

I thought this would be a little confusing to read since it is book 2 in a series, but it is a stand alone novel with just a few references to the first book. A quintessential rom-com book, Elise grows so much as a person in just a few months. She seems naïve in love since she married her childhood sweetheart and still is a trusting soul when placed in situations that someone else would just walk away from.

What I loved: I didn’t love anything in particular – its just a sweet, cute, easy read with charming characters, a few surprises here and there, and enough about the secondary characters to let you know that they will all get their own tale in the series.

What I didn’t love: I would have loved a little more closure with Elise and her parents, but perhaps that will come in another installation of the series.

What I learned: Listen to a gay man’s GAYDAR. And don’t drink the water in this town – everyone turns up pregnant.

Overall Grade: B

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