The Good Goodbye

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I was confused for about half of the book – is it present time? High School? Earlier? Each character’s chapter didn’t have a date mentioned so it took a while to grasp where every character was in their life and why the events were happening the way they were. Once it started to click in the last third of the book, I couldn’t put it down.

What I loved: There were some major plot twists at the end and I was screaming at the characters to realize what was going on. I love it when a story affects me like that.

What I didn’t love: I wished for more of the past between Vince and Natalie as well for them to have it out over his lack of judgement and all of the problems it caused. I also would have liked to have known how Natalie and Theo fell in love and how they met. Oh, and the comment about how Maroon and Gold are ugly school colors? So not cool said the Arizona State University grad.

What I learned: My daughter isn’t going away to college. I’m going to keep her here in a bubble where I can keep her safe….

Overall Grade: B

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