Too Many Cooks

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I loved her earlier books and eagerly awaited her latest to come in at the library. I only wish I waited a little bit more. With a wishy-washy heroine (if you could call her that), evil antagonist and too many other self-involved characters, it was an unfortunate chore to get through.

What I loved: If I had to pick anything, it would be that I liked the ending because Kelly was finally doing something for herself instead of being a doormat to everyone else in her life. Hopefully, she will grow into her new found spine and maybe we’ll see her again in another book – I would be interested in seeing her growth. Oooh – and this book has recipies – always a plus.

What I didn’t love: Just about everyone in this book – shallow, selfish people. I was waiting for some big event to knock them all on their haunches, but Kelly just slinks away… disappointing.

What I learned: Don’t do anything drastic immediately after a lifechanging event.

Overall Grade: C+

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