Baby Doll

Available July 12, 2016

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

I loved that this book wasn’t about the torture, the capture, and the captivity (although it may make a nice prequel) but rather the escape, the recovery, and the healing. It was expertly written and Lily could be a candidate for sainthood (she is way too nice, too forgiving, too “normal”) for all that she endures after her escape. I was hoping for a little more suspense, more detail, more everything.

What I loved: So many things ,but mainly I loved the climax to the story since it was exactly what I had pictured in my mind from about chapter 3.

What I didn’t love: I wish Wes would have sat down with Lily and told her the things directly that he told Abby. Just because the two are twins doesn’t mean they aren’t separate people with their own sets of ears. Talking to one doesn’t mean talking to both.

Overall Grade: B

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