Making Headlines

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Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

I get it – write about what you know. Jennifer Hansen was probably a very successful news anchor (as we call them in the States) before she decided to write a novel but I wish she would have taken her experiences to paper when she was a little older instead of having her heroine be an immature little thing just starting out as a journalist. As I was reading this on my Kindle, I felt that I was reading forever and almost done with the book only to look down and see that I was not even 40% done. Arrrggghhh! By that time, I was hoping her secret stalker would just abduct her already and kill her off to end the madness.

What I loved: The side characters were realistic – especially Julia. I really liked her and wish Rachel took some lessons on how to be human from her.

What I didn’t love: Rachel is an annoying brat, her sister Lou is a mega bee-yotch, and can an office seriously get away with all of the on-site drinking? If so, I really may need to become an ex-pat. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t even finish the book - and I was rooting for the admirier.

What I learned: Not to say the things that immediately pop into my head – something Rachel still needs to learn.

Overall Grade: D

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