The Weekenders

Available May 17, 2016

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

What do you expect from a man with a name like Wendell? Wayyyyyyy to close to Weasel – and that’s what he was (and not in a good Pauly Shore way). Poor Riley – how did you make it this far in life with a father who thought women could only do domestic chores and a mother who felt everyone was beneath her. You were set up to be clueless and have the wool pulled over your eyes, but luckily you’re better than that and you get what you need in the end – especially understanding with your mother, brother and child.

What I loved: It was a mix of a typical MKA summer book (Fluffy chick-lit) with a little of her Callahan Garrity books mixed in (Side Note: LOVE LOVE LOVE the Callahan Garrity books – please write more!!). While some summertime authors churn out the same thing/same location every year, Ms. Andrews writes a new book with a new plot in a new Southern location almost every year (except for the sequels!) and I adore her for it.

What I didn’t love: How bumbling of a police force is on that island? Enough said.

What I learned: Every year I have a new vacation spot I want to go to in the South.

Overall Grade: B+

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