The Wedding Sisters

Available June 7, 2016

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

As I am coming up on my own 20th wedding anniversary, I was excited to read The Wedding Sisters. I was hoping for a mad cap wedding story featuring a mother, clueless father, and tales of love. Once the engagements began I got quite the opposite from the book. Mom Meryl became super obsessed with etiquette and money – it distorted her true nature and caused me not to like her as a character. Hasn’t she read enough Emily Post to know that in this day and age it doesn’t matter who pays for what? Since 4 of the 6 patricipants had enough income on their own – they probably should have been contributing to the bottom line. And why did only the Campions have to pay for the rehearsal dinner? Last time I had checked – there were two other extremely wealthy families involved in the wedding that could have chipped in.

What I loved: Rose, the grandmother, was a beautiful soul who could come with the wit when needed. I thought her backstory was beautiful and touching – it explained so much and allowed everyone to move forward in their relationship. And her little white lie about Polish wedding traditions was adorable.

What I didn’t love: Where should I begin? Every man is a selfish douche in the book (Stowe redeems himself in the end but that’s all about the epilogue and the readers don’t get to see his transition into a good guy). Amy is Jan Brady – always a day late and a dollar short. Her fierce competition with her sister almost ruins the book.

What I learned: Its good to be an only child.

Overall Grade: C

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