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Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

Shame on me for being distracted by a pretty cover that I didn’t read the book description as closely as I should have so I ended up being disappointed with this novel. I was expecting a sweet recap of past loving relationships as a woman lay dying and when it wasn’t like that at all, I was thrown for a little tizzy. Would I have liked it more if I had read the description better – I’m not entirely sure.

What I loved: The ending was a welcome surprise – not only was it unexpected but I think Madeline finally got what she was craving with something unexpected. It was a nice change to see her think with her heart and head and not just her loins.

What I didn’t love: I found it sad that Madeline didn’t seem to have enough confidence in herself to be on her own. She always had to have a man around – even if it was for all of the wrong reasons. In the three relationships she was always the other woman. The relationships were constantly mentioned as flings, casual hookups, and the like – of course you’re not going to have lasting love if you’re not ready and able to commit to one person, all of the time; Madeline has no right to complain about not having lasting love in her life. She selected men who were already engaged in relationships with demanding women and she was happy with the pitiful little crumbs of love, affection and attention they provided her from time to time. Not exactly welcoming traits in a heroine..

What I learned: Life in paradise has a dark side too

Overall Grade: C-

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