How To Party With An Infant

Available August 9, 2016

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

What a delight to read - I had enjoyed Ms. Hart Hemming’s previous work and was super excited for the opportunity to read hew new novel. To find friendship and love in a cold city such as San Francisco is a gift to be cherished. What makes San Francisco a cold city? Cold temperature, ritzy people, city life – c’mon you’ve watched an episode of Million Dollar Listing San Francisco..don’t tell me its warm and fuzzy. Annie, Barrett, Georgia and Henry make for the best mommy’s group/playgroup around. It makes me wish I had one of those when my child was young.

What I loved: Anyone who shares my thought that Caillou is the most horrible children’s character (what a little crybaby!) gets a positive vote. Seriously – I really liked how Mele was answering a questionnaire throughout the entire tale and that she was honest (sometimes brutally so) with who she is as a person and how she mothers her child. Too many times, we’re more concerned about presenting the proper outer shell to everyone else than being true to who we are on the inside.

What I didn’t love: All the talk of a cookbook, creating recipes, eating and no actual recipes??? I felt slighted …

What I learned: Friends are a good thing to have – misfits or not.

Overall Grade: B+

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