Me and My Sisters

Available May 19, 2016

Thank you to and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

Loved the book – It was cute, funny, and just as wonderful the second time through SINCE IT ORIGINALLY CAME OUT IN 2011!!!! It really bothers me that publishers take advantage of those of us who read way too much, don’t always document every single book we pick up, and re-release a book - either under the same name or a slightly different, cooler sounding name. I know – its my fault since I should have taken better book notes when I crawled to the safety of a book during my own family financial crisis during those times.

What I loved: Seriously – I loved the book. Each sister has a distinct voice and goes through a tremendous crisis/journey/life changing event and comes out for the better. There’s humor, silly sister spats, and comedic relief via the kids. Each sister has her good and bad points (Julie’s long blog missives basically rehashing the plots to that point are annoying but easily skip-over-able) and its nice to see some humanity in the characters.

What I didn’t love: Since it is a reprint and about 7-8 years behind the last major financial crisis (didn’t really want to re-live those memories – thanks!) its tough to have a lot of sympathy for Sophie and her brood. After going through it myself, I don’t really have a lot of good feelings toward her situation and a few of those passages where Jack was wanting money.

What I learned: I really could have used a sister.

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