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If you’ve read my blog from the beginning, you know how much I despise “The Classics” due to how many of them I had to read and analyze back in high school. If they were all re-told like this, I would

gladly re-read almost every single one of them (except for Dickens – ick!). Seriously, the modern, realistic spin on “Pride and Prejudice” was a delight to read (and not just for the 1 page chapters). Instead of stuffy old Edwardian relationships filled with indirect language, this modern re-telling has sassy sisters, a socially awkward Darcy and a media enthralled Chip with some interesting present day twists.

What I loved: The spunk of each sister (except for Mary, who’s a snooze) made me wish that there could be sequels just so I could continue to see how Jane, Kitty and Lydia made out with the rest of their lives. Liz isn’t the fussy, nosy witch she originally was which made the story move quickly.

What I didn’t love: Mrs. Bennett is just as insufferable as she is in the original – what ever did Mr. Bennett see in her?

What I learned: Maybe I could learn to like the classics? Probably not…

Overall Grade: B+

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