Moss Hysteria

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I think we’re up to #18 or so in the Flower Shop Mysteries and they’re still a delight to read. Kate Collins keeps the stories imaginative and still finds a way for the older quirky characters to have an impact on the story while introducing new, hopefully recurring, ones as well. I’m beginning to question why a network hasn’t come to New Haven, IN as it must be the murder capital of the Midwest as the timeline in the series is only about 2-3 years and we’ve racked up about 20 bodies???

What I loved: Abby isn’t as grumpy(or witchy with a B) in this installment as she was in “Florist Grump” but she still needs to work out her issues with Rosa. Until she does that, I don’t think we’re going to see the old sweet Abby as earlier books.

What I didn’t love: As I don’t live near water (the backyard pool doesn’t count) and am not from the Midwest, I’m don’t understand the issue with moss and since it was never explained, I still confused. In addition, most newly constructed homes in a housing development come with at least a 1-year warranty so their floors would have been covered by that. And didn’t someone talk to them about the resale value of just a 2 bedroom???

What I learned: Now I’m itching to find out more about moss…

Overall Grade: B

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