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Must be summer and time for yet another Summer Must-Read based on Nantucket. The 17th novel is different than Elin Hilberbrand’s usual voice because this one is constantly hopping from character to character and as well as to the past to the present - it takes a little getting used to. The chapters in Hayes’ voice seems almost unnecessary and why isn’t Scarlett given a voice as well? Overall, it wouldn’t be summer without a few Nantucket novels.

What I loved: I loved how Laurel and Belinda treated all of the kids equally and with love, respect and interest. So many times, kids bear the brunt of a person’s feelings towards their parents and it was refreshing to see grown, mature women act as such and treat all of the kids with love. And the 4 recipes added throughout the story were a bonus.

What I didn’t love: I didn’t think any of the characters were quite likable – they’ve all tried to stab one another in the back or deliberately hurt one another with their words or actions over the course of the 5 days in the novel. 90% of the characters are selfish, liars, adulterers, immature and almost every thing in between. The other 10% are under the age of 18…

What I learned: I’m beginning to think there’s something in the water on the island that doesn’t allow people to leave..

Overall Grade: B-

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