Christmas in Paris

Available: October 4, 2016

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Let me begin by saying it was a treat to read about snowy, cold Paris in December while roasting in the crazy June Southern California heat wave. Christmas in Paris sounds like a magical time of year and the food seems absolutely delightful. Lord knows, all these characters did was eat throughout the entire novel. I would have liked Isabel a lot more if her clothes were tight by the end of her stay.

What I loved: The character of Gus sounds magical and I wish he was real. Although I thought a book illustrator would design the pictures to go with the story, maybe these are more picture books for the younger set and the story gets made up afterwards.

What I didn’t love: Isabel may be terrific with numbers but hopeless in everything else. She is immature, prone to conducting elaborate plans in her head and expects others to be able to act on these plans while reading her mind, and extremely naïve. The innocence she has can be sweet at times but at other times, it grates on my nerves. And with all of the single expensive purchases every day at a foreign department store, wouldn’t her credit card company call to verify the purchases??

What I learned: I need to find a real gypsy fortune teller.. Stat…

Overall Grade: B

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