My Husband's Wife

Available: July 14, 2016

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

While I devoured this novel in 2 days and loved the character of Rosie, I was left with the feeling that this could have been 2 separate novels – one about the abandonment of her mother and that journey and the other about the demise of her marriage. The buildup to the breakup took almost a year in the book’s time and about 47% of my digital edition before anything blew up. I would have loved a little more drama between Rosie and Gerri – more things to make Rosie appear as crazy and obsessed, some lawyers actually involved in the story, something! The ending seemed very rushed and unclear as to what occurred/was said/etc but the epilogue was a pleasant surprise.

What I loved: Naomi was my favorite - I couldn’t wait to read what came out of her mouth next! The energy, creativity, and keen instincts she has make her a leader and is probably going to be an absolute terror until she is an adult and can harness that energy and creativity into a proper outlet.

What I didn’t love: Of course the obvious choice is Phil but I really did not like Mer. Not only was she quick to gossip about others, she was easily dazzled by wealth and nice things all the while showing no loyalty to Rosie. What kind of best mate is that?

What I learned: Apple scented candles – just a bad thing all around.

Overall Grade: B-

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