In Twenty Years

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For a bunch of Ivy League students (Penn is considered ivy League, right?) this group of friends are a bunch of idiots. I normally devour Ms. Winn Scotch’s books but this one was a chore to get through. Between the stereotypes (plastic LA doctor, flighty musician, domestic diva who can’t keep her own life in check, etc…) and the pointless plot I was extremely disappointed in this book. I could go on and on venting about this book but the biggest question was… It wasn’t even 20 years yet and Bea had been dead for at least 7 years – why bother with the “big” time capsule reveal 2 years earlier?

What I loved: The ending – and only because it meant that I was finally finished with the novel and could read something I actually liked.

What I didn’t like: Pages 1 – 331. Thankfully it ends on page 332.

What I learned: Even those with an education from a “good college” are just as messed up as you and me.

Overall Grade: D

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