The Hole in the Middle

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A cross between an overwhelmed mommy story and a “one that got away tale”, The Hole In the Middle comes together quite nicely in the end to make for a sweet tale with some out of nowhere surprises. The backstory passages are touching and provide exactly what the current tale needs. I’m just shocked Sophie doesn’t lose it more in the book with everything that is going on in those few weeks.

What I loved: Zoe’s thoughts on the 6 types of women – I would love to see this expanded about a group of friends where each lady is one of the dominant traits and how they copy. For me, it would be far better than a textbook or some article in a magazine that I zone out on about halfway through once I figure out what type I am. Zoe has some interesting insight into Sophie’s life (and life in general) and would be an interesting main character on her own.

What I didn’t love: The whole sub-plot with Geoff – creepy!! Ew!

What I learned: You can have it all; but you need to realize that you can’t have all of it all.

Overall Grade: B+

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