Knit Your Own Murder

Knit Your Own Murder by Monica Ferris

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Nineteenth in the series – and its still pretty good. That’s not to say its one of the best in the series - Betsy doesn’t solve the murders on her own anymore and the author has a tendency to go into the minds of other people and tells the story from their perspective instead of having it only be Betsy’s voice. Her age seems to be getting to her as well – Betsy seems more fuddy-duddyish and not as fun as she used to be.

What I loved: Jill Larson was back in the novel as more than just a passing reference to her stopping by the store which is always a treat. Goddy’s event in the making could be its own novel and I’m looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

What I didn’t love: This was the most religious of all of the Needlecraft mysteries and while I don’t have an issue with it at all (in fact, I loved to hear about the Easter Saturday services) I did have an issue with one little minor thing. There is a passage about Easter Saturday where the author says that it is the most intense day of suffering for the religion of believers. She obviously has never spent any time with my hangry Jewish husband on Yom Kippur! Seriously – all religions are made up of believers so maybe it was just a poor word choice.

What I learned: I am so over knitting.. can we make the next one feature needlepoint instead?

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