Yawn..so when did Jane Green become Danielle Steel? I was eagerly anticipating her latest novel, and as I read it all I could think about was – who is this writer? It is nothing like any of her previous novels. This one is boring and unrealistic. Without giving away too much plot – her timelines for life are completely foolish – legal things get done in just 5 months? Probate can take just that amount, but I’m possibly giving away too much.Give me a break and please bring back the Jane Green of 2015 or earlier asap!

What I loved: The one thing that was spot on was Jesse – Dominic’s son. He was painted as such an accurate portrait of a loving, kind, 6 year old boy and he was easily my favorite character of the book.

What I didn’t love: Emma was pretty fricken annoying. Oh, I found love practically the moment I moved to a brand new city…I’m going to whine that we’re too different and that I like the theater and he doesn’t. Just because you’re a couple doesn’t mean you’re joined at the hip like a pair of Siamese twins. Get over yourself.

What I learned: My tolerance for crappy plots has dropped significantly.

Overall Grade: C+

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