Eggnog Murder

Available: October 25th

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Short stories aren’t my favorite things to read – I am always wanting more of the story and when they are bundled with multiple authors, there’s a strong change I only know one of the authors. This is the case with “Eggnog Murder”. I tried to get through the other stories by Lee Hollis and Barbara Ross, but since they are also part of their own series with regular characters, I was so lost that I couldn’t read them and can only review Leslie Meier’s Eggnog Murder.

What I loved: Once again, Patrick is the best thing in a Lucy Stone story and has been the one redeeming character for the past few novels. Everything else is so darn confusing. Is Tinker Cove this small town the Stones retreated to oh so many years ago? If so, how do they have a expensive boutique with designer clothing in the town but cannot get enough people to attend multiple church denominations so they all have to join just one? If Molly is so gung ho about her son Patrick eating organic grass fed hot dogs and artisan whole wheat buns then why is she outside smoking a cigarette? If money is so darn tight that Lucy has to complain about it all of the time then why does she have a new SUV?

What I didn’t love: I wanted to throw Elizabeth into a suitcase and ship her snooty butt back to France the moment she arrived. Last time I checked, Lucy Stone had three other children but they were only in 1-2 scenes in the entire book. And the entire ending? Criminal Minds and Law & Order can take controversial things ripped from the national headlines and turn them into a show but it made no sense and was wrapped up way too cleanly for the novel.

What I learned: Ugly sweaters have a place, and a purpose. I’m just not sure if this was it.

Overall Grade: B- (Eggnog Murder)

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