The Perfect Neighbors

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Sarah Pekkanen’s writing gets better and better with each new novel. I seriously heart her and look forward to getting a new story from her every year. I love how its never the same type of character from book to book and now to have a married with children Desperate Housewives tale – what a joy!

What I loved: My favorite part of each present-day chapter was the ListServ messages at the start. These messages gave such insight into the comings and goings of the community more than a tweet ever could. How I wish Reese was one of the characters ! Her life would be terrific to peek into because if I were her, I would just be in a ball in the corner drinking myself into a stupor.

What I didn’t love: I know that all great books cannot go on forever and ever (with the exception of Sweet Valley High since that series never ended) but the ending seemed a little abrupt to my liking. I was hoping for just a little more about Tessa’s backstory – maybe a juicy confrontation or something. It just wrapped up a little too cleanly and quickly.

What I learned: My secrets are still way better than yours….

Overall Grade: A-

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