The Christmas Caramel Murders

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Number 20 in the series but this isn’t even a full book so in my world, it doesn’t count. I’ve loved this series for so long but either the series is hitting a wall or I am just getting sick of the same thing every book. Hannah find a body. Michelle comes home from college and does all of the cooking and baking so Hannah can by nosy. Hannah almost gets killed by the murderer. Hannah is saved by either Norman or Mike. End of story. Please do not waste your money on this, but get it from the library instead.

What I loved: Michelle needs to take over for Hannah as the main character. She seems to be doing a lot more of the baking lately since all Hannah seems to do is try and solve murders.

What I didn’t love: Let’s see..a retelling of “A Christmas Story” with a bonus murder thrown into a novella the size of a paperback with a ton of recipes that were 4-5 pages each for $20.00. What’s not to love?

What I learned: I cannot read Christmas stories before Thanksgiving. It just annoys me.

Overall Grade: C

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