The Other Sister

Available: November 1, 2016

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

If this book could figure out if it is a suspense novel, a tale of two twins, or a story of how people grow it would be better. This is one of the most f-ed up families I’ve read about in a long time. There’s the golden twin would is quick to throw punches, the unloved twin who seems to grow as a person but is just as annoying, a husband who is just unlikable, and a mom who never showed her daughters how to have a healthy relationship. Throw in a death, a rape, and a lot of secrets and lies and you have a complete mess of a story.

What I loved: Nothing! I couldn’t even say I loved the ending because I was so annoyed with the family dynamics and plot that I skimmed the last 8% of the book in disgust.

What I didn’t love: Since I obviously couldn’t stand this book, I’m just going to nitpick on one little plot part – the weather in February in Phoenix, AZ. As a graduate of Arizona State University, I can say that is was never blazing hot in Phoenix in February. The average temperature is about 70 degrees which is why it becomes one of the Snowbird capitals of the US.

What I learned: I can’t get the time I wasted on this book back – ever.

Overall Grade: D

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