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Carmella’s scrap booking murders never seem to get old, although I was disappointed that I was able to figure out the murderer about halfway through this tale and that never happens. The story was quick paced with a minor love triangle, the reappearance of Mooney and Squirrel , and what could be a major turning point in the series. I’m already excited for 2017’s latest installment.

What I loved: Ava just seems like a real life Jessica Rabbit and I love her don’t give a ^*%@# attitude towards people she doesn’t care about. The goth vamp has some of the best lines in the story with an amazing wardrobe to go with it. I want an Ava costume for Halloween this year – I just adore her. Spin off series – please!!

What I didn’t love: Carmella seems awfully scatterbrained at Memory Mine lately – forgetting projects and seems to always be ducking out to investigate instead of doing the crafty things she loves. Poor Gabby – always left to mind the store and keep Carmella sane while fetching the most delightful lunches. She needs a raise – and the ability to not have to wear a skirt and heels all the time when working in the store. Would it kill her to wear flats and pants once in a while?

What I learned: More than I ever wanted to know about St. Roch.

Overall Grade: B-

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