Sassy Saturdays

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Since I had just finished the first book, Fat Fridays, the night before I had to immediately begin reading the sequel. Since it flashed forward quite a few months, I was a little disappointed where the characters were at in their lives when the story picked up. I would have liked to see how Grace recovered, Tiffany dealt with Beau, and how Suki got engaged. While the characters were the positions I expected them to be, I feel like I missed out on their journey.

What I loved: With the addition of Lynette, the author really celebrates how a single mother lives, loves and finds a balance in her life. I think that is something to celebrate.

What I didn’t love: Carol Ann being Carol Ann. The wetness behind her ears is so annoying that I inwardly groan when a chapter features her name. Maybe if she learned to love herself for who she is and not what she has or what people can buy her, she may actually learn what love really is.

What I learned: Sometimes the sequel just isn’t as good as the first one…and I shouldn’t read them back to back.

Overall Grade: B

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