Mother Can You Not

Sit down, curl up for an hour and laugh - that's what I did. I had been following @CrazyJewishMom on Facebook and Instagram and laughing my %&*%* off so of course I had to pick up the book. It was a good thing I was reading this while home alone. If the hubs was there, I'd have to explain the entire period party scene and why I had tears down my face. If I spoke about it, the magic would just disappear... I now wish I was her older sister because I would love to have a Mom like that. Since that can't happen, I wish they still lived in LA so I could grab my mom and we could meet at Tito's Tacos. Or Brent's in the Valley. Or embark on some crazy road trip. Maybe they'd want to adopt a 74 and almost 45 year old? What I loved: Big fan to begin with after seeing it in my friend Carrie's FB feed a few months ago. Love the fact that she's embracing the crazy that is her mother and her mom is the person she is. Individuality isn't celebrated enough. What I didn't love: I would have been happy just reading page after page of past text messages, Instagram posts, and blogs. More please!! What I learned: I need to do more Keigels. Overall Grade: A-

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