The Choices We Make

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Seriously – what are the odds of reading two books about surrogacy back to back? The Choices We Make is completely different than the other surrogacy book – it is more a book about the friendship between two couples, primarily the two women, and the things that lead them to their decision then about the act of surrogacy.

What I loved: The friendship between Kate and Hannah is so perfect – I’m so jealous as I would love to have someone in my life like that from childhood. And Ben – with his ability to remain close to the situation while keeping an amazing perspective on the everything makes him an ideal husband in my book. Of course, I would have really liked the recipe for the killer guacamole that makes appearances throughout the entire tale. It would have made up for all of the crying.

What I didn’t love: I bawled my eyes out for the last quarter of the book and I HATE THAT! And the ending – the last story of Kate and Hannah as children – too perfect. Which, of course, caused me to cry even harder as I was reading and I’m still sniffling as I type.

What I learned: More about the legal side of surrogacy then I wanted to know, but now it all makes sense.

Overall Grade: A-

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