Turbo Twenty-Three

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The last few ones in this series have been quite the snooze. Too many new characters, too many random plots and not enough of the basics – the love triangle between Stephanie, Morelli & Ranger, and Lula. Can’t have enough Lula in my opinion. Even though there was a disasterous movie already made in this series with some horrible casting, in my head it’s Debi Mazar as Stephanie, Joe Manganiello as Morelli, Vin Diesel as Ranger, Gabourey Sidibe as Lula and the mom from “Sixteen Candles” as Stephanie’s mom. I wish sometimes I was a casting director…

What I loved: Back to the basics and a better plot made this book a super quick read. Of course the murder/ice cream situation wrapped up a little too cleanly for me but who really reads these books for the murder plot anymore. We all just want to see Stephanie’s car explode, Grandma making a spectacle of herself at a funeral, and see Rex come out of his can more than once. This is now some of the fluffiest murder on the market.

What I didn’t love: At first I was disappointed and mad that it just seems to end with no answers, no closure, etc. Then it dawned on me – its just like numbers. They never end and Stephanie will never ever have to pick between the two, Grandma will never die, and Mom will keep on ironing.

What I learned: I think I can make it to 25. Then I want a major plot change.

Overall Grade: B

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