Lift and Separate

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Thank you to for the opportunity to read an ARC copy of this novel in exchange for my honest opinion.

With its amusing title, cover, and description I was expecting something much lighter in content. This book was so depressing! I’m still trying to find the humor that was praised in the reviews. There isn’t anything funny about a parental death and a collapse of a marriage. Marcy wasn’t even that funny as a person before any of these thing events shattered her life. Heck – she didn’t even know who she was as a person. Her life is just a stereo-typical late middle aged housewife story and it’s all a little cliché.

What I loved: Marcy has a strong relationship with her children and always does the right thing by them, even if they’re older and don’t listen (typical). The problem is that she lived her life up until now through them and has not always put her needs first (typical).

What I didn’t love: Cliché husband with his mid-life crisis – seems to complain about a lack of money at the beginning of the novel but has no problem parking his bottom at the swankiest hotel in town for the long haul and throwing money at his paramour to make that situation go away.

What I learned: Even the ugliest man can get a young chick if he has money.

Overall Grade: C+

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