Wives, Fiancees, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta

Available: January 31, 2017

Thank you to NetGalley.com for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

I think that books by celebrities (and their ghost writers) are some of the best fluffy fiction out there. I’ve read them all – Joan Collins, Lisa Rinna, Nicole Ritchie, Lauren Graham and even Britian’s Jordan Price and loved them all! When reading a tale by a celebrity – its so much fun to try and figure out what other famous people influenced the characters – and how much of their real lives are being revealed.

So not the case with this pile of doggy doo-doo from RHOA’s Shereé Whitfield. Where do I even begin with my issues with the book? Let’s see…. For starters - for someone who claims never to get “ghetto” in the first chapter of the book seems to go there quite a bit throughout the entire story. Sasha’s entire moral being completely dissolves throughout the story and its almost disgusting to watch a fictional character let everything she’s worked for, her hopes and dreams, fall to the wayside because she’s gotten the taste of designer things, fancy living, and money that someone else earned. The prologue and the ending don’t even match up. The prologue apparently takes place a few days after the super abrupt ending of the tale and Sasha’s character is completely schizophrenic by then. Is she pissed? Has she accepted this is life as she knows it in order to keep her new lifestyle? Confused but don’t really care. The timeline to the story is all jacked. If Chapter One is 6 months ago set on the day Sasha moves down to Atlanta and then towards the end of the book its been a year since she moved – WTH? Ghost writer – you’re not doing your job…

What I loved: Its so obvious that Paris is based on NeNe Leakes that its humorous.

What I didn’t love: See entire third paragraph – I’m not repeating myself.

What I learned: I’m okay with ending a sentence in a preposition, but not every sentence.

Overall Grade: D

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