Available: February 10. 2017

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

And for my last review of 2016, I decided to go out with a bang-buster of Smuttyness! Revenge by Nigel May is spot on pure delight – fluffy, smutty, and a little murder – just what the doctor ordered to banish all of the sad news of the year. Nigel May definitely delivered and I’m thrilled to end my year on this book. Kudos – and when will the next one be available?

What I loved: That final dinner in St. Tropez? Wowzers – I had no idea that was coming! While I was hoping for a love match for Mew (what is that short for anyways?), I thought the ending came together in a masterful way to tie the celebrity fluff, hard core smut (I was expecting a little more!) and a good murder.

What I didn’t love: Mar Vista, West Hollywood? So not even remotely close to each other!! I grew up in Mar Vista – its nestled a little inland between Santa Monica and Venice – nowhere near West Hollywood. Westwood – sure, about 15 minutes away, but no West Hollywood. In fact, I probably still cannot find anything east of Robertson Blvd. Sorry Nigel – I know this is petty but I had to find SOMETHING I didn’t love about the book!

What I learned: Karma – she’s my hero….

Overall Grade: A

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