The Barefoot Summer

Available: January 3, 2017

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Carolyn Brown writes stories to delight cowgirls and The Barefoot Summer is no exception. It can be a little predictable but the story of the blonde WASP, the firey Latina and the super emotional redhead finding out they’ve all been Sister-Wived was a cute, quick read.

What I loved: I would have loved a little more about Hattie and Victor – they just seem like the cutest couple ever. Anyone that will verbally spar and give as good as they get is a winner in my book. Gracie seemed absolutely precious as well – but in a TV sitcom child kind of way – never bratty, never over tired, never human. I would have loved to have Gracie act like a complete brat and Jamie lose it just from the stress of the situation.

What I didn’t love: There was nothing in particular that I didn’t love, but I always get mildly annoyed when the epilogue takes places at least a year after the book and everyone is all paired off and everything beautifully wrapped up. You know there was a potential story that will now never happen - a wasted story can almost be as horrible as a badly written book.

What I learned: Things described as import/export are never good.

Overall Grade: B

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