The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay

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Since I adored The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane, I was looking forward to reading this – hoping for a similar cute story. The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay had such potential to be as adorable, but it was missing something…. Like answers to a lot of the points brought up in the plot.

What I loved: Colleen and Jenny are the best sidekick characters – they deserve their own prequel book or two. Their clear hearts overwhelmed their devious minds while trying to keep Lily in Wisconsin and I would love to see more of their stories and lives.

What I didn’t love: Where do I begin? What happened with Mitchell and the money? How did her best friend Renee end up with her college ex-boyfriend in the first place? What happens to the town of Minnow Bay? Does Simone get into art school and balances life as a dairy farmer? I do admit, the thing I liked least out of the entire story was Lily – she was just there and let things happen to her good, bad and indifferent. Outside of her yelling at Nic towards the end of the book, there was no passion, no fire that I would expect from an artist – even one with a writer’s block.

What I learned: How not to dress for a Wisconsin winter.

Overall Grade: B-

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