Once Upon A Wine

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I meant to read this book back in October, but my daughter got a concussion while playing softball and the book was lost in the Hubs’ car while on the way to Urgent Care. Fast forward four months later (the kid is okay, thanks for asking) and Hubs finally cleans out his car so I can finally read it. It could have stayed lost.

What I loved: I’ve loved the Black Dog Bay series so far – the crushing heartbreaks, the bonding, the new love. This installment was….blah. That being said, Jacques is adorable, and I love the idea of strawberry wine especially with summertime just a few months off.

What I didn’t love: How pathetic am I that I am complaining about a book moving too fast? Seriously – the pace was too much. Purchase winery, immediately make wine, start selling and distributing and make some sort of profit within just a few months? Seems just unrealistic and no fricking recipe for the strawberry wine? Scandalous..

What I learned: I had no idea why roses are planted in front of crops.

Overall Grade: B-

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