The Last Chance Matinee

Available: March 21, 2017

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

There’s nothing like finding out you have a few sisters to now call your siblings and get to live out your HGTV fantasies all at the same time. Cara, Des and Allie are all a little predictable but I am looking forward to seeing how their relationships grow as they let down their guards. What I am looking for in this trilogy will be that major moment when one of the ladies cannot take being in Hidden Falls anymore and has to leave, threatening all of their inheritances and the project. Will it happen in the next two books? Doubtful, but I can dream.

What I loved: The sister’s basic personalities all came out in the first novel (health nut, animal lover, and alcoholic mama bear) which will shape how these books will flow. Barney is a terrific addition – to have that much energy at her age would be something else – she was beyond her time and an amazing lady worthy of her own prequel.

What I didn’t love: Unfortunately, the love lives for the sisters seem to have already been determined - it is as plain as day who will fall in love with who (whom?). In fact, the couple hook-up in this volume just treated it as expected as the sun coming out to shine.

What I learned: Bluegrass – the depressing, soulful cousin to country – no thanks!

Overall Grade: B

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