Murder of a Cranky Catnapper

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#19 in a series – pretty impressive. The series hasn’t gotten tired yet – I think that’s because Skye and Wally are just starting out on their lives so things are changing for them which will add to the story over time (unlike some series where the main character is too afraid to make a decision and every book is more of the same..I’m talking to you Janet Evanovich). More of the familiar characters would be better but if you didn’t have new people moving to Scumble River all of the time, then who the heck would you kill off?

What I loved: The Doziers are my favorite people. I swear I picture them like “Swamp People” mixed in with the characters from some Southern trailer park show that child enjoys watching. I wish they could be in every Scumble River mystery because the visuals I create alone are worth the giggles.

What I didn’t love: Skye’s weight obsession does get a little tired every now and then. You’re pregnant - your body is going through an amazing change and it should be embraced and cherished – said the woman who gained so much that she had her own circumference. It’s like she is body shaming herself and that’s horrible.

What I learned: I was smart to turn by back at all of my OBGYN’s weigh-ins. It was more fun watching the hub’s eyes pop out of his head!

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