Black and Blueberry Pie

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Its sad when an author loses her publishing house – especially when he/she is still putting out a great story. Phyllis is the mystery solving granny from Texas with some excellent recipes - I’m always going to read her Fresh Baked mystery series just because they are quick, easy reads and the food’s pretty darn tasty.

What I loved: I wish Sam and Phyllis would just open their hearts and fall in love for once and all and become a couple. Together they could be the grand-investigators since Sam follows Phyllis like a puppy everywhere anyways.

What I didn’t love: Carolyn is turning into a bitter spinster who is full of sour grapes. Her jealousy of Phyllis can be too much sometimes. Maybe she needs to go off and live on her own.

What I learned: Nothing can be hidden anymore since everyone posts everything online these days.

Overall Grade: B

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