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Available: April 25, 2017

Thank you to for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Ahhh, Serenity. I love visiting Brandy and her trials and tribulations with her mother Vivian. I get my dose of small town Mid-America with a slice of murder. In the 11th book (has it already been that many?) in the series, it’s still a quick, funny read, especially when Vivian takes over a chapter or two and goes off on various tangents. While I figured out the killer rather quickly (for me at least), I really liked the spin on the ending. But my favorite part had to be Vivian’s speech to the hipster in the hospital at the end; she hit the nail on the head and is preaching to the choir!

What I loved: The godfather – he’s one of my favorite re-occurring characters. I would love to see him take a trip out west to visit Serenity and see what Vivian can say about the Caddy. Knowing Vivian – she’d having him eat out of her hand in just moments. Strip Scrabble indeed!

What I didn’t love: Usually, there’s more about Brandy’s fashion in the books. I missed that, but I guess it reflected her depression over the situation with Tony. Women cannot live in grey sweatshirts alone! I’d also love if her son would make an appearance again – he was such a cute character and he is missed.

What I learned: Men can gossip just as bad as women.

Overall Grade: B

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