The Young Wives Club

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I think this should have been titled “The Baby Wives Club” because only one of these girls seems old enough to drink, let alone get married. I got married at 24 and people were saying I was too young – these girls are practically still in their diapers. I still sat down and devoured this in a day – its fluffy, and cute, and a no brainer book – meaning I didn’t have to use my brain so it was a win-win.

What I loved: I love the friendship between the 4 ladies, even if I really don’t understand how 17 year old Laura was friends with the others since they were so much older than her. Maybe she should have been a cousin instead of Madison and Claire. Anyways – they’re cute friends and I would have liked a stronger focus on their relationships that the silly men in their lives.

What I didn’t love: Yes, most of the little boys are complete s&%* and I could go off on that for hours, but I think my least favorite part was Laura’s parents. Seriously – you let your daughter marry some guy at 17 and drop out of high school to follow him to college? Yes I get that its an SEC school, and its football, and he’s the starting quarterback, blah, blah blah. You do realize though that’s why people think Southerns are hicks, right? It’s for doing stupid things like that. And I think most of the Darwin Awards nominees are from the Southern region as well…

What I learned: No weddings until a college graduation for my kid..

Overall Grade: B+

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