The Marriage Lie

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You know those books that you never want to put down? The ones where you could easily read them in one sitting if pesky things like sleep, your job, and feeding the other people that live in your house didn’t matter? This is one of those books! I found out about it from Jen Lancaster’s (my most favoriteist author in the world) Insta feed so I races to get it after reading the synopsis on

What I loved: Maybe I’m a morbid sick %&* but I’ve always wanted to know what happens to the loved ones and survivors when a plane crashes. It’s not like a could ever ask anyone at an airline; they probably have no clue as well. I also loved that this is a well written book with a super fast pace and just enough curve balls to make you go all Keanu like, “Woah”. Dave though, hands down, is my favorite – if I had a male, gay, twin version of myself – I would want them to be just like Dave.

What I didn’t love: Without giving away plots, spoilers, shocks, etc; I’m just going to say that I would have loved to seen/heard/read how he got from Point A to Point B knowing the results at Point C. That’s all.

What I learned: It may be time to sweep for bugs…

Overall Grade: A-

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